Honest Funerals

Step by Step Safe Funeral Planning

Making funeral arrangements with a funeral home can be very stressful. It is not part of your everyday life. A good and honest funeral director can make this time easier. A bad or dishonest funeral director will make it a nightmare. And even the most honest funeral director may not go out of their way to show you how to save money or stay within your budget. That is because they are, after all, running a business.

To avoid the most common traps and scams by funeral homes and funeral directors, just follow these simple steps.

7 Steps to safely making funeral arrangements with a funeral home:

        1.     Select a team to help you with the funeral plans.
        2.     Set your budget before meeting with a funeral home.
        3.     Know what you want before contacting a funeral home.
        4.     Check reviews for funeral homes.
        5.     Comparison shop at least 3 funeral homes.
        6.     Meeting with the funeral home and funeral director.
        7.     Avoiding scams by funeral homes and others.

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