Honest Funerals

Having a team to help you with the funeral has many benefits:

  • You can assign tasks that would be emotionally difficult for you to handle
  • You can focus on your needs and spending time with family and friends
  • You can have someone who may be more objective help you avoid emotional overspending
  • You can assign tasks to people who may be more familiar or comfortable with using computers, making phone calls, or meeting with a funeral director
  • Involving family and friends in the plans helps them with their grieving process

Print out a copy of our Planner and follow along with the instructions on the video.

When you’re finished watching the video:

  • Type or write up to 10 people who can help you in Item 1 of the Planner.
  • Assign a specific team member for each Task in Item 4 of the Planner.

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