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Meeting With a Funeral Director

The difference between the funeral home and a funeral director

All of the arrangements are normally made by a funeral director through a funeral home. Funeral directors can be employees of the funeral home, owners of the funeral home or quite often independent contractors. That means that a particular funeral director may work at many different funeral homes. This is important to know because when doing a review or getting recommendations for a funeral home home, make sure that you look for recommendations for a particular funeral director. A great or horrible rating for a funeral home may be because of one particular funeral director. If you can’t find ratings or get recommendations for a particular funeral director, consider asking that only an owner or employee of the funeral home act as your funeral director.

Figure out what you can spend in total in advance

The time to decide how much you want to spend on a funeral is before you go to a funeral home not during. The 1st thing you should decide is how much you can afford, and then plan the best final arrangements within that budget. When other family members or friends suggest that you should spend more or get additional items, tell them that is not within the budget set for the funeral but that if they wish to have that item, you will accommodate them if they will pay for it up front.

One thing that funeral directors quite often do is to suggest additional features one at a time. This takes away your ability to look at the overall price before making decisions. For example a funeral director may 1st have you pick the most expensive coffin that you think you can afford. Once you have picked The coffin casket, they will then start talking about upgrades trying to sell you upgrades in fabric, pillow, handles, decorations molding, plaques. So what started out as a $2000 casket may end up being a $4000 casket and you may feel that to not add the items means you don’t love is disrespectful to your loved one.

Once you have figured out how much you can spend totally on the final arrangements, use the printable Planner to decide how that will be allocated. Doing this in the privacy of your home before ever speaking to a funeral director will make your decisions confident.
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